The bar…

I missed yesterday. My bad. I was actually out on the road and couldn’t stop before midnight so I just decided I would sacrifice a day. It’s ok though because I started this blog a week or so early before this year so I can afford a few mess ups. Anyways…

I was sitting at a local bar tonight having some shitty beer and a pretty decent meal. Cute waitresses made up for the warm glasses. I realized that when I sit in a bar I want to ponder about bigger and better things. I remember sitting in the Dog House in Fayetteville, NC talking to Daniel about how I was going to open a restaurant. Wouldn’t ya know, I did. I think about all the times that I sit at bars getting annoyed by douchebag guys and obnoxious girls thinking to myself ‘why don’t I do something better with myself instead of sitting in this fuckin’ place?’

I wish there was a better medium for conveying what I feel at those times instead of trying to recount them in a blog later on in the night. Maybe I need to find a way to open a bar…


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