Apparently there is a violent crime problem in Seattle. Weird right? The local news reports that people are calling upon the mayor to address this problem. ‘This has got to be fixed!’… I’m sure concerned local citizens are crying out at city council meetings and maybe even during meet and greets when community leaders walk about town making people believe they actually have a purpose. (the leaders not the people). During this snippet on the news it showed a guy smashing car windows with a pole. Hmm…

My concern with this kind of shift in societal behavior falls on who’s really accountable. Can the mayor really make a difference? Can the police? Of course they can! Strong arm the citizens and control everything they do! Good plan right?

Obviously this isn’t the answer. Maybe for Soviet Russia or The China Republic, but not for us. Or is it? The problem is not with the performance of our government or police. The problem is our society. We as humans are scared to hold each other accountable without the cloak of government. Some people simply shouldn’t reproduce. Those that do can really suck at parenting. Children aren’t taught discipline and grown adults are simply irresponsible. A little too obvious of a statement?

The problems we have with violence and social misbehaving are troubling to say the least. The fact that people will walk away from some issues is even more troubling. Worst of all of it, there doesn’t seem to be any way possible to get our communities to stand up and actually make real change. Change is made in smaller communities for sure. City neighborhoods fight for covenants, racial groups fight for equality and wealth classes fight for what benefits them. How about people fighting for acceptance of other people? People holding other people accountable? A black man wants to gain equality by saying they deserve all the rights of everyone else yet they still want to maintain their heritage? Well nucka, guess what? You want you and your people recognized? Be prepared to police up your ‘kind’ and answer for all the shit every other one of your brothas does. Same goes for any other religion or social group. That notion in mind, we as human beings need to get our shit together. No matter who we are or what our purpose in life is, we need to quit relying on pseudo-leaders to fix our problems.

Blah blah blah… so many people have answers to how the world is going to change. I for one am sorely disappointed that the whole 2012 thing wasn’t real… We really need a fresh start.


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