Blank be drawn…

Sometimes I can’t write much because my mind is so occupied with random things. I don’t have any sort of attention deficit… Wait… maybe I do… 

I guess it comes with the territory of what I’ve done with my life. I’ve had well over thirty different jobs, traveled all around the country and a few parts of the world, been with, uhmm… I’ve had a few relationships and have more stories so far than I have hairs on my head.

Sometimes I want to write about betrayal from friends as well as enemies. Other times I want to write about happy cheery things. Tonight all I can think about is eating a lot of food. I’ve gained twenty pounds since last fall and I’m not happy about it. My muscle mass has dropped and my gut has found the easiest way to expand… Time to think about getting back in shape… again.

My plan is in place for the next chapter in my life and I feel pretty good about it. The boat is officially sold and the wheels are turning to facilitate my move to a new place. Pun intended. I don’t feel my life is as interesting as I’d like it to be as it happens so I tend to leave the commentary of my daily life at bay. When it’s passed I feel a bit better about telling the story whether it was a success or failure.

Once I’m settled I’ll try to share words of pseudo-wisdom from the confused life I tend to live. 

Dude… check out that squirrel doing the Macarena…


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