Elephants among us…

Why the hell do people have to stomp when they walk? So I’m sitting in a pretty nice hotel room that I got for dirt cheap and wouldn’t ya know, the dumbwits staying above me seem to have the need to walk balk and forth fifty times an hour. I know they aren’t doing it on purpose and it would be futile if I tried to complain to anyone about it. Just like the japanese exchange students would stomp at the dorms I was staying at, there is something I’ve learned that a lot of people have in common.

It goes back to a lack of consideration. It’s more than stomping feet, or slamming doors or even slamming cupboards on the other side of a wall of a room in which you try to sleep. I wonder sometimes if people were never taught it while growing up or if they have such an ego that they decided one day to not give a flying fudge about anyone else.

On a micro level it’s a simple concept to understand but could there be any relation to why entire population groups act the same exact way?


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