Dog Ass Tired…

I am reminded today why I don’t want to do manual labor as a career. From eight in the morning till four in the afternoon it was a non-stop chainsaw wielding massacre on trees and an even bigger massacre on my arms from the damn blackberry bushes. Down a steep embankment as well. I’m so sore I can’t walk straight. As a treat to myself tonight I decided to begin another journey down filling my head with something a little more worthwhile than how to put a face-cut in a tree. I’m going to explore the avenue of web development again. It’s something I’ve considered before but have turned a cheek to because I declared I don’t want to be sitting at a desk all day looking at a computer. Funny thing, if I fly for a job I’ll be sitting in a chair staring out the window for who knows how many hours a day. As I make matters more confusing in my life, I’m hitting the road driving trucks again. It is a failsafe transition for me into having a bit of a normal life. California is my domicile as I take ‘home time’ which will make settling into an area much easier than being some unemployed bright eyed mess with nothing but money in the bank and a desire to live the good life. Flying is still in my sights but I have a grander plan than simply running with the rest of the herd…


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