Toast to that…

Freedom is within my reach… Finally. I just took a trip to California to scope out where I want to make a life. In so many ways, it was the most successful trip I ever had. I still don’t have an exact picture on where I’ll live or exactly what I’ll do but it was everything I didn’t realize I really truly wanted.

While I was drinking an obnoxiously priced IPA at the airport bar waiting for the return flight to Seattle, I came to full realization that the logistics will be more of a challenge than I am willing to admit right now. Greater than that realization was the fact that I am doing this for me, and my soul. I’m tired of trying to hang on to things hoping that it isn’t what it really is. I have dead weight in my storage unit, my email account and more importantly in my heart. As First Sergeant Wilson would say about his email account, ‘just go bankrupt and erase it all and start over.’ That idea stuck in my head and has been a vivid reminder of exactly what I need to do. We all know that our lives we know can be taken away from us in an instant and of course we want to make the best of what we have while we have it. I also believe that we have full responsibility to take charge of our lives and be the ones to do what fate seems to do on its own at times.


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