Is this a joke…

Just a few more weeks. Hopefully this boat deal will go through and I’ll be able to point a finger in the right direction. As I was cleaning out the storage unit today, I found humor in quite a bit of my old paperwork. Not quite sure if I found more humor in court documents from my family suing me, or the ridiculous amounts of pay stubs from my zillion jobs I’ve held.

Something really cool was the letters I had saved from basic training. No emails, no texts… Actual written letters. It brought me back to a time where rock bottom wasn’t too far behind me. One person kept my faith in humanity alive. In a totally plutonic way of course, I will love her forever for what she did. Thank you, Amanda.

I also found some cool pictures of the restaurant in action. I really truly miss it, and hope I find a way to open another place again. It’ll take some determination for sure.. Money isn’t easy to come by. Looking through all the permitting applications, planning notes, vendor contracts, marketing plans, uniforms etc, I was reminded of how much of my life I dedicated to something I really truly thought would be part of something greater. It still is, just not here.

I’ve burnt bridges, I’ve been too late to the party and I think I’ve put one too many people through an undeserved emotional loop-d-loop. I’m not happy with how my life has turned out but I feel good about my decisions from this point forward.


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