I wish I knew a way to express what’s going through my head right now. Quite honestly, this entry is not what I’d like it to be since I am choosing to write more in my own personal journal tonight. I’m usually pretty headstrong about my decisions in my own life. I’ve done what I’ve done for myself, for someone else. Make sense? It shouldn’t. The reasoning is for me.

One of those silly Facebook motivational pictures has been popping up a lot lately.

Something along the lines of not regretting what you’ve done, but regretting what you haven’t tried.

I’m wandering aimlessly right now and it’s starting to kill me. I’ve been relaxing and living the good life for a few weeks now and it’s absolutely wonderful. I’ve realized this afternoon that living for something more than yourself is absolutely what we’re supposed to be doing. Whether it be for a single person or the entire world, a light came on today for me.

What I haven’t done with my life is catching up to me right now. It’s not apparent through anything that can be illustrated in words or speech, but it’s in my heart. I’ve been stagnant my whole life and its time to take action. What action should I take? Who knows… I sure as hell don’t.

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