I’m really disappointed with the local news station reports, on Facebook especially. One of the headlines was ‘You know you hit rock bottom when you’re hiding behind a kiddie pool with meth’… Really?

Rock bottom is different for everyone. Find my blog ‘consumption’… It wasn’t my rock bottom but I had more than some people could ever imagine and all I wanted to do was pull the trigger. Like a drug, the lifestyle I was trying for was an addiction. I wanted it and didn’t even know why. Luckily I got out before I spent too many years trapping myself in a situation.

I think of the movie ‘Trainspotting’ when I think of hitting rock bottom. Not because of the drugs, or sex or crazy antics, but because it illustrates how we all become consumed by the life we live and lose sight of what is really going on. Step outside your life for a second…

I’ve been in situations where I was scraping for change just to buy something to eat… But yet I had either a car payment, rent or other bills due. My priorities were quite screwed up. My rock bottom has taken a while to manifest into something recognizable.

Simplifying my life has and will continue to be a challenge. The less I have, the happier I am. Funny how that works out…


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