It’s definitely time to start packing up to go. This next week will be the fun week, the weekend will be cleansing my storage unit to the bare minimums and the week after will be finishing a deal for the boat. I got a few interested buyers and for the price quite honestly, they’d be stupid to pass it up. We’ll see how that works out…

I realized last night as I was talking to my neighbor that life on the dock is my happy place. It symbolizes being on the edge of every other opportunity in the world. The algae-rich water I walk over every day and night is connected to the rest of the entire world. Three lines (and a power cord) are truly the only thing keeping me from the rest of my life. Now if my boat was an open water boat I’d be gone already. The local yacht broker claims that my boat would make it just fine down the coast but I remind myself that I’m adventurous, not stupid. (Mostly).

I walk up the ramp, through the gate and I almost feel suffocated. I’ve been making random trips to my storage to get a plan of attack and I feel an uncontrollable sensation of depression and resentment for decisions I’ve made and the relationships I’ve formed.

I’ve stuck around ‘waiting’ for something to happen in my life. Funny thing, everything good that has happened to me has been when I stepped out of my comfort zone and left my inhibitions at bay. I’ve come back to a comfortable place and its the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been. Hopefully the latter half of this year long blog will take on a little more meaning and tell a bit of a better story…

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