Fat ass…

Driving home from the gym today I heard something quite disturbing on the radio… Some lady has a problem with her daughter being told that soda makes her stomach fat. So this bitch writes some blog and gets featured on the regional news station. Sorry, probably not a bitch but its more for the effect. So she doesn’t want her kids to have some sort of complex about their weight and just wants them to be kids… That’s cool and all until she gets a snippet of her voice saying something to the effect of… ‘I can play with my kids and point out that I have a big behind, but I can still have fun and I’ll shake it around like its no big deal’…

If I had the motivation to find her blog and comment I would but what would that really do? I’ll just bitch and complain about it on my measly blog…

We’re in an epidemic right now. Humanity is going down the shitter. We kill in the name of finding peace with god(s), we build fences as soon as we establish a neighborhood, we form gangs, we kill, we maim, we rape, we are dishonest, we steal, we pray for sins we haven’t committed yet we consciously make those bad decisions anyways, we foster emotions that have no place in this world yet we thrive on them… Guilt, hatred, shame, jealousy, envy, greed… This isn’t my point here…

Amongst all the other topics I could write about, this one sums it all up. Soda makes you fat. Pain and simple. In fact I can see your stomach expanding with every gulp of that sugary concoction of unknown chemicals and acids. I say this as I’m sitting eating a bag of chips… And I’m probably going to have one more beer before hitting the sack…

This woman , though good intentions I’m sure, is exactly what’s wrong with us. Can you say honey boo boo? We live in a society where we become soft and unable to hear the truth. We do what we want while remaining ignorant to what’s really going on. It’s really no fault of our own, but of those who have been in control of what we learn, see, do, experience and think. Her kids will have this overly supported notion that no matter how fat or disgusting they may be, they are accepted….acceptable. Our culture is a hydrogenated stew of junk food eating us away from the inside out. And these kids are none the wiser.

Practice what I preach? I’d love to… Maybe I will someday. Our existence in this universe is highly insignificant and though ultimately what we do won’t matter in the end, we still play the part. Just as so, our existence in this culture is exactly what we are doing so we (I) might as well continue on while trying to sway the tides of change so future generations will have something good to look forward to. Confusing sentence structure I know but it’s my blog and if you want to criticize my prose, eat me. Anyways, as I try to transition into a very simple life I realize how hard it is to actually be simple. There’s no friendly hometown market to go get fresh grown fruits and vegetables where I’m at… At least without getting in the car, heading to the grocery store, dealing with the crowds only to get some leftover, picked through fruit that has more chemicals sprayed on it than the exhaust has from my entire trip to the store. This is just food I’m talking about… I was going to have my friend dive my boat and scrub the bottom… He can’t without having special permission from the marina, insurance, and I’m sure some specialty tools… Or society is throwing in all kinds of preservatives to everything we consume and do just to exist. Just as the crap in soda does our body no good, over regulating and controlling what we do with our life does the same to our ability to progress as human beings.

Our lives are saturated with ideals that we have never known any different from, just as these lady’s kids will have known nothing different from being unhealthy for the sake of self-preservation. We see this progression daily. We’ve become consumed by text messaging and social media and instant communication. Would the youth today know what to do with themselves if that all wasn’t here? Do they realize the ramifications of this shift in human interaction?

I don’t know how one person, or even a group of wishful thinking individuals can do it alone, but something has got to give sooner or later. The more and more I think about it, the more and more living here on earth feels like this could quite possibly be the ‘hell’ that religion talks about…


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