The first burn…

Totally lost track of time tonight…. After an amazing day of sailing with an old friend Paul, I am officially beat. I learned a crappy lesson today though… I didn’t think about draining the rain water from my anchor locker so when we got some good wind today and the boat heeled over the water level rose above the line where it’s sealed off, and sneakily ran into the main cabin and soaked all into the new carpet I just put in… Along with soaking a bit of the cushions it found its way into my lock box where I keep some semi-important papers… Hurumph… On the heater goes tonight to try and work it out…

After yesterday and today I think I managed to get my first burn out of the way for the summer… If I’m smart I’ll find a way to keep the color all year round so I don’t have to suffer through this again… It’s the price you pay for a good life though right?

Onward to bed I go hoping this tingly annoyance in my skin goes away fairly soon…


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