No status quo…

As of now I’m not counting the days of relaxation I’m enjoying. All I really know is that it’s towards the end of June and I couldn’t be much happier than I am right now. I’m purposely choosing to not do anything productive except for some random work on the boat. I managed to sand one handrail and throw a coat of varnish on it. Along with that I got this crazy thing called a sun burn… Soon to be a tan I’m sure.

I ran into an old boat neighbor today and was told a story about his friend that went through commercial flight school, flew inter-island in Hawaii and eventually became a captain for Hawaiian Airlines… Making over two hundred thousand a year… How cool is that? As much as I love flying, I wasn’t impressed. I’d rather be a charter pilot flying tourists around or maybe even a limited personal or corporate pilot. The money sure is nice but if money is what’s driving me I should have just been working for an investment firm or maybe worked in biochemical engineering… I’m sure I could struggle through school and land an entry level position that would allow me to post some really pompous and conceited shit on Facebook.

Instead I’d rather be happy. And I’d rather find someone to spend my life with that understands the un-importance of money and status. Of course I want to have some nice things and don’t want to live like a total hippy bum but I can’t bring myself to become just another person trying to win the rat race.


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