Whatever is good for your soul… Do that.

I subscribe to a Facebook page called Lessons Learned in Life. The quote came from a posting today with no further credit so consider the source cited…

My life is like a freshly wiped chalkboard right now. Remnants of my past are still there but I am fortunate enough to be at a crossroads of unlimited options right now. As I was driving to get my morning coffee from the most amazing little coffee stand this morning (no, it’s not the topless ones), I got lost in the moment. I forgot where I was going and for once I was able to enjoy it! As I came to, the hamster started again and coffee was on my mind. At the stoplight which ultimately brought me out of the haze, I looked down at my phone and saw this quote/picture… Funny how things like that come to light…

Right now I’m not unhappy, nor am I happy. That’s a good thing though. I’ve got a commercial pilot license, a commercial driver license, military experience, business owning experience, love experience, hurt experience and an undying desire to try something new. I’m brought back to the want of someone special by my side but quickly remember the struggle that has always come with it. If someone has the fortitude to live by my side I really just want to ‘be’ alive. Being alive however does not mean living less than something totally amazing…

I have about two weeks to decide what I’m going to do. This timeline isn’t for anything but my personal deadline. This is my time to relax and not let the world consume me as it has for too many years. Nothing I do from now on shall be from desperation and everything I do shall be for one hell of a story to tell when I’m finally ready to succumb to time…


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