Drop the big stick already…

For as long as I can remember, It’s been brought to my attention how short or small I am. (No, not talking about being in the sack…)… I guess I’m slightly below average height and weight is just about on par. Five foot seven for those who don’t know me face to face. Actually I can be as short as five six on a bad day. I truly blame that on working jobs my whole life that require being on my feet followed by military. My posture sucks and gaining any significant muscle is a chore…

Onwards to the purpose of this entry… Who fucking cares how big or tall or short or small someone is? Well, men at least. More so, who cares if you can kick someone’s ass or not? I recently quit my job at a podunky little lumber store and worked with a handful of people that seemed to really find solace in their ass-kicking capabilities when their intellectual prowess took a nose dive. During moments of ‘talking shit’ which everyone does (don’t deny it), too many of these people would interject the desire to physically take someone down…

“Does he realize I’m twice his size? He’s says one more thing to me and I’ll kick his fucking ass…”

“I’ll fucking squash that guy. He’s about your size (referring to me)…”

Just a few lines I’ve heard time to time while working there…

Is violence really the answer in some people’s minds? I mean, sure I’ve had the urge to curb stomp a few people in my life but it was for them doing truly obnoxious and heinous things. The guy they caught on tape during that home invasion recently? That guy needs to be hung by rusty hooks and burned slowly with sulfuric acid. Maybe have his testicles placed in a vice that is rigged to tighten every time he breathes in and out. Too much?

I didn’t just fall off the conservative bandwagon and become some raging free love liberal hippy, but violence truly isn’t the answer for anything… Have we really allowed ourselves to stay on the level of buffaloes in order to get what we want out of life? We as humans are supposed to be intelligent and empathetic beings. In reality we are becoming selfish ape-like offspring that can’t see two feet past our own existence to realize that there’s something bigger than us that we should be living for.

It’s the reason I forgive the guy who robbed me years ago. Whoever that is… He didn’t need to beat the living shit out of me but its all he knew. Even as a criminal he was pretty sad. If he was really good he would have knocked off a bank or something. Given the situation if he was caught he risked attempted murder, assault etc etc… Hell, he could have stepped up his game and done some cyber crimes or something… All he got out of it was my car keys and maybe some coins out of the register. Was it worth it dude?

We as humans are living in a world of entitlements and self-preservation. I think it’s time we start putting this to rest. We are all here to take care of one another and it has nothing to do with money, power or how a person’s size compares to another. It’s something more than that. Love… We’re losing it faster than we realize.

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