Unworthy of mention…

Tonight is the last night I’ll spend in Moses Lake. I’d say its bittersweet but it’s more bitter than anything. I came to accomplish a goal and I did it. I was never expecting anything spectacular from coming here so expectations were never met or shorted. I met some great people, and I met some functional acquaintances.

I’m a little disappointed in myself though. I don’t think I tried hard enough. Sure, I followed the steps to pass classes and flight training but I feel void of potential within myself after this time.

I haven’t had a clear purpose in life for as long as I can remember. I’m not a fan of long term planning and even if I was, the reasons I have for doing what I do is to appease others, not to satisfy myself. Even after finishing here I really don’t know what or why I want to do (anything).

I have a month to decide how I’m going to handle my next move. Here’s to figuring out what the hell my life should be all about…


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