It’s amazing what a little time away from a place can do for someone. After spending the last two years in school I finally came back to my pseudo-hometown to start taking care of loose ends before heading out for good. It’s a rough transition to say the least. I started to clean the deck of my boat today and had to actually remind myself that I had nowhere that I had to be. I was inherently trying to rush through the cleaning process as if I had somewhere to go. I stopped, took a deep breath, took my shirt off and started the process of getting used to the sun again. The only real thing I had to do was meet with my neighbor to go watch some blues jams at the local watering hole. Once the clouds started coming in I decided it was time to bag the deck scrubbing for the day and head down below. How cool it was to have absolutely nothing to do, nothing to stress about and nobody telling me what I should be doing…

I wish I could share the experience with so many people. Even if for a day, take some time and realize that nothing is as important as taking care of yourself. We get so wrapped up in trying to fill our lives with the false security of our daily activities that the finer things are all too often forgotten.

Lets sail away…


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