When I decided to write this 365 blog I was hoping to find a way to make my readers think about or provoke ideas of something better in this life. However you want to interpret it, whether you care about my life or not, is up to you. If I were sailing on a boat for an extended period of time I would try to keep a log of everything that happened. It’s more for me but in the case that something amazing happened, there could be a record to share with others. Of course keeping a log of other things is just as important but a daily collection of events is quite interesting. In the age of Social Media, text messaging and mass digital storage we have a built in log book. Every status update and uploaded picture is a record of our lives day by day. Have you ever looked back at your Facebook or even MySpace feed from years ago?

Though I’m not a die-hard fan of what social media does to society, I embrace it for what it serves in my life. We post a filtered account of what events fill our lives and how it affects us. It’s sharing for other people to possibly read or absorb so they understand the full intensity of what we’re feeling. Once your status gets run over by the next current event it becomes old news. Almost instantaneously whatever short influence you may have had on someone else disappears into oblivion. What we do is really for ourselves and no one else. So why?

Look at your life. Are you truly happy? Are you living the life you want to? Are you not living the life you didn’t know existed for yourself? There’s no reason to settle for less than extraordinary. It’s hard for people to grasp on to what I’m trying to say. I believe that all too often we try to live for others when we forget about ourselves. When you treat yourself with respect and dignity, you start to understand your true worth. If you could stand with yourself in the future, would your future self be happy with the decisions you make right now? Just as if you look back on previous social media communications, what do you have to say for yourself? Is everything you’ve ever done giving you what you thought you wanted right now?

As its been the last few months, I’m tried while trying to write something. I’ll quit while I’m ahead tonight. I anything this will be something for me to re-read down the road and hopefully motivate some more meaningful blogs.


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