Beautiful People…

So. On the radio today I heard about this website that only allows ‘beautiful’ people in. It’s an online dating thing. Oh the controversy!

I decided to give it a try. I have to wait to be voted on before I can have any access to any other member. I’m a little torn on how I should feel about this sort of thing. It’s the ultimate ego-killer for some people but for others it would do wonders. Funny thing about this though…

I’ve done my fair share of meeting people online. It’s not so taboo anymore and really, it’s a heck of a lot better than meeting people in person sometimes. In my own little way I’ve been able to experiment with how a person looks online versus reality. For the most part it’s no big surprise. There’s plenty of girls that post pictures of themselves strategically hiding their muffin tops, fat thighs or beer bellies. The stereotypical ‘selfie’ is almost like a game to figure out what kind of feature they have that they are trying to hide. For the most part it’s easy to weed out ‘weird’ personalities, but just as meeting someone in real life, once you get talking real personalities surface. You can’t really plan ahead on that one. But the physical appearances are pretty easy to decipher.

Now guys are just as guilty, if not more than women when it comes to taking and posting only the flattering pictures of themselves. Especially when it comes to trying to find someone you’re attracted to on the internet. I’m in no way some strapping, muscle-bound tall guy… But just as well I don’t like to post pictures to highlight the laughing points of other people. It’s ok though. I so often realize that the people that aren’t impressed by me are lacking in quite a few areas in their own life so I cut them slack in my judgment. Sometimes…


Back to this new website. I like the reality aspect that they try to promote. It has got to be the worst feeling in the world when you talk to someone online for any length of time and you finally decide to meet up. You take time out of your life to freshen up and act your best when it comes to socializing with someone new. You’ve seen a handful of pictures and you begin to formulate what this person is really like face to face. When the time comes, the feeling of ‘fuuuuu…..’ comes over you and you immediately regret the whole thing and you swear off online dating. You immediately look for a way out. Not only do you feel ashamed for stooping to the level of online dating, how are you going to explain to your friends and family that you settled for ‘this person’… You’ll just go meet someone at the local supermarket or something and you won’t even have to admit to your friends what you just did. I’m speaking of the one’s who hide behind the crop function. The one’s that memes are created from. The ones that make you realize why they are in fact using online dating.

I have to wait for two days to find out if I got voted on or off the site. I wish I had some more flattering pictures of me but I ultimately could care less. We all know guys can be pretty shallow when it comes to expectations but I think this kind of thing will do some good to highlight the fact that women are even more shallow when it comes to what they’re attracted to. Soon enough though I won’t be stuck in this hole of a town and can actually work on finding real friends again and won’t have any desire to look online for entertainment… Yes, entertainment…


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