One of my favorite things to talk about is the epidemic of ‘douche’ that is taking over our society. It’s a judgmental thing I know, but some idiots deserve to be talked shit about. My personal markers for determining if someone is a douche is fairly specific. And yes, the female variety can be douches as well in their own respect.

Of course the white rimmed sunglasses, popped collars, tight shirts and those ridiculous designer jeans (you know, the ones with the gaudy pockets) signal that a guy is a shoe-in candidate for douche of the year. It’s a little harder to classify a woman/girl as a douche without infringing on the earned title of ‘tramp’ that so many are.

Beyond dress style, it’s the attitudes that stick out more than anything. It’s pretty much a self centered attitude that sums up everything. A douche thinks they are gods gift to whatever. They’ve seen a few too many pearls of wisdom in their life that says it doesn’t matter what others think. Well guess what, dumb-ass… It kinda does matter. You know it does. The apparent effort that a doucher goes to in order to portray themselves as impressive is proof enough that they are walking oxymorons.

I’m sure I could be qualified as a douche in someone’s eyes so I shouldn’t throw stones at a rubber wall. I’m tired tonight and feel like going to sleep now. Just you wait though, there will be plenty more douche inspired posts in the near future…


3 comments on “Douche…

  1. I don’t think everyones opinion matters. I believe that many if not most peoples opinions do matter however there are the few that really just dont matter. Such as the ass-whole from the gas station or the dry cleaning jerk that thinks wrinkles are okay. But I do agree that douches are well douches lol. Good luck with exams!!

    • Thanks…:) if I can find the motivation for it I was thinking of interviewing some of these supposed Douchers and see what makes them tick. Maybe ask them questions about what they expect out of other people…

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