Shut up…

A short little rant for a blog today…

One reason I think I like the aviation community is a general understanding of the challenge-response form of communicating. Landing gear? Check. Flaps? Check… How was your weekend? Good thanks, yours?

There is an elementary skill that is used called ‘f-ing listen to me’ that a fair number of people out there don’t know how to use. It’s becoming a huge pet-peeve of mine when I start to talk or communicate something and someone butts in and throws me way more than their two cents which I didn’t want anyways. Do they not realize that as much as they don’t give consideration to what I’m trying to say, I couldn’t care less even more about whatever it is they are saying? It’s happened mostly at work but a few of the fucktards that I go to school with do it to me as well. There’s a pompous demeanor from people who ask me anything from how my day was to what kind of roofing they should use and as soon as I start to say anything, they check out and all they care about is whatever is going on in their head. Total waste of my time. My new experiment when people do this crap to me is to start saying totally random shit. Guarantee they won’t even notice… It’ll give me something a bit more fun to write about at least…

uggh… I’m done tonight…



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