To the gym…

So last September I made a pretty decent life change. I decided to go to the gym, eat better, hadn’t been drinking etc etc… I went nearly every single day for about three months straight. Unlike many of the idiots that go to the gym to use the equipment as conversation pieces, I actually made good use of my time and worked my ass off. In fact, I got my bench press up over two hundred again and was able to do about thirty pull-ups between sets.

Then fatigue set in. I wasn’t getting sleep to save my life and was way more tired and irritable than I should ever have allowed myself to become. I went to play in a racquetball tournament at the gym and quickly rolled my ankle two games in. It literally sounded like I was stepping on a pile of peanut shells. Soo, I was down for the count. The very next day at work I went on a delivery (with a massively swollen foot) and sliced my knuckle wide open and had to get eight stitches. Blah blah blah… even I’m getting tired of writing this…

Anyways, I haven’t been to the gym in months and it shows… I feel like crap and stomach fat is entirely way too easy to gain and not so easy to get rid of once its there. It’s pretty much a sorry excuse that I don’t start going back to the gym now, but I can’t wait to start settling somewhere and I can have a routine that includes ‘gym-time’ and I can feel a heck of a lot better about myself.

Maybe someday soon I can find some motivation to write some more meaningful things as well… until then…


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