So today was the second most important day in this whole flight program. I passed my instrument rating check ride. For anyone outside the aviation world, it’s basically a rating that allows me to fly in the clouds… sort of. Anyways, passing this stage signals the light at the end of the tunnel. All I have left is the commercial stage which should only take a handful of weeks. Passing that will be the release of a shitload of stress for me. No more timelines with the VA or required classes and I can start looking at living a life that I want to live for myself instead of for what I think others want from me.

So, I could probably write a whole lot about this entire experience in flight school but tonight is a mini-celebration for me. I can go to sleep knowing that tomorrow I won’t have to wonder what curve-ball ATC will give me or what time I’ll arrive at the missed approach point when I forget to start the timer…

Now that the stress of this particular stage is done, some issues I’ve shrugged off lately has come into my view again. People. As I’m writing this, I decided I’m not going to write anymore tonight because the matters at hand require me to be extremely crude and judgmental. I’ll spare us from that…

Time for some tea and some logbook time verifications.


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