Math sucks…

I made it through Calculus and Physics when I was in High School. Granted I slept through half the classes but I made it out alive with an A- average. Fast forward 14 years and I find myself struggling to master basic algebraic functions. Sort of. I get it to the point that I realize math at the lower levels is taught not for the material but for the theory behind it. My trouble comes from the fact that I could really care less about this stuff right now. It’s annoying to sit through lesson after lesson just to make a grade for a core level class. I should have just studied a bit and placed higher…

Math has an absolute and definite purpose in our lives and the advancement of who we are as human beings. Applying math to a scientific process simply makes more sense than figuring out that Susie could have made it to the store five hours faster if she didn’t have twenty watermelons in the trunk of her car. Here is where I insert my foot in the mouth because the second most annoying class I have right now is Astronomy. Learning about the math behind the nuclear fusion process on the sun is in fact quite a bit more applicable than the ratio of watermelons to oranges, but again I could really care less right now.

Someday I want to learn about some stuff on my own time and at my own level.

Until then, I will find a way to appease the machine otherwise known as ‘college’ and get that wonderful piece of paper that apparently doesn’t do much nowadays for getting a decent job…


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