Another trudging blog after a long ass day… I get so frustrated sometimes at the situation I’m in with life right now. I did get to spend the majority of my day outside getting quite sunburned so I can’t complain all too much. Some beach… Some where…

A curious thing happened today after I got back from one of my deliveries. I was told that someone brought cookies for me. It was mentioned in passing but no one could tell me who it was that brought them. They were pretty darn good cookies though. Well timed. I thought it may also just be a joke about who or why they were brought but from the sounds of it they were intended for me. I’d be hard pressed to find anyone around here that gives a shit enough about me to bring cookies. I not trying to act all frumpy about having ‘no one that loves me’ but I’m merely stating a fact. I don’t have close friends here and I generally don’t consider myself to be a doer of good deeds as of late so I really have no understanding for why someone would bring them to me. Anyways, if they were in fact intended for me it was a nice gesture and it is much appreciated.

There’s a few hot topics I considered writing about tonight but my ass is going to crash at any moment. If I even tried to write anything I’d end up sounding like a true asshole. But I will say ‘kudos’ to Abercrombie and Fitch. I hate your stores and your clothes are quite impractical but I applaud your decision to limit your marketing to people of a certain physical stature. It’s like fighting against reverse racism. If you don’t like something, you have all the freedom in the world to mind your own damn business and leave the opposition alone. You don’t see Lane Bryant selling petite sized clothes do you? And why would anyone care anyways? Just as there’s nothing wrong with being ‘plus sized’ there’s also nothing wrong with being any other size.


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