Claim to fame…

We all know that one person who we can talk about in a conversation when we don’t have enough about ourselves to talk about or we simply want to avoid being too self-centered. Sometimes we claim to know of someone and can tell a story about them because they really fucked something up. Other times it could be something really awesome that they did. Sometimes it’s simply because they lived life.

It’s our claim to fame sometimes. “Oh, I know a guy who…blah blah blah…” or “I’ve met them…” you get my drift…

The flipside to this is that all of us are someone else’s claim to fame. At least for a small moment in time. When you think your life doesn’t mean much, just think of all the people you’ve met in your life that can tell a part of your story when their story isn’t quite what they want it to be. You never really know who’s life you’ll change.


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