I drive a pretty lame car. I make up for it by having a pretty bad ass motorcycle though. I figured out some time ago that my rear brakes have been stuck. At slow speeds I hear a tiny squeak and it’s pretty embarrassing in a parking lot. I came to the conclusion that part of the issue has to do with the parking brake not releasing all the way. Truth of the matter is, I’m too lazy to fix it. I’ve had the parts to fix it for a month or so in my back seat.

Some days it gets worse depending on the temperature. I’ve learned to ignore it and have pretty much gotten used to the drag it creates. If I really sit and think about it I’m probably wasting a few miles a gallon because of it. Eh, it’s all relative.

I don’t want to speak for anyone else because it’s a hard thing to admit or realize but it becomes way too easy to accept binding situations in life. Sometimes it’s easier to just let things be and deal with it the way it is. Well, I realize that if I don’t fix my brakes soon, problems with my car may multiply as time goes on. The dragging brakes could not only seize up completely allowing me to go nowhere, it could also create undue strain on the engine and drive train causing it to be less efficient and eventually break down on its own.

Just as my days are loaded with other priorities and I can’t find the time to fix the brakes, my life seems to be filled with priorities that aren’t allowing me to take care of something really important. Me.

I feel the effects of dragging more weight than necessary. My body and soul is wearing thin. I can’t think straight and I’m more motivated to sit and stare off into space and think about nothing instead of doing what I need to do in my life. The constant tug of war I have with myself puts me in a stagnant mindset and nothing good seems to come out of my day to day activities.

Now where is that seaplane on a tropical island again?


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