I’m at a pretty major milestone with my flight training right now. This week I should get my instrument rating and be on the tail end of completing my commercial license. In the grand scheme of the aviation industry it doesn’t mean much, but on a personal level it’s a damn awesome accomplishment. I started flying when I was fourteen years old and hadn’t had a chance to do this until seventeen years later. Money was the issue on the surface, but it was never actually the real issue. Well, at least until the lame life I created for myself got in the way. Anyways, after proudly serving in the military and learning a LOT of life lessons I put the rest of my life on the line.

So tomorrow is my instrument oral exam. Nothing too stressful but any sort of exam makes one question themselves from time to time. Especially when these particular exams have nothing to do with GPA or educational standing. These are a direct reflection of competence and ability to perform in one of the higher stress careers out there. I didn’t say hardest, just high stress.

My brain is on overload right now. I want to be creative here with my writing but I simply can’t.

Insert motivational phrases and gems about going after your dreams, never giving up, blah blah blah… Really. Go do it. Life your fucking life and don’t let yourself or anyone get in the way. Up until the day you die you have a mark to leave on this world. Some people leave more of a skid-mark than anything but at least you’ll have served a purpose if not for yourself, for others.

When coming in for final approach to a runway it’s an oddly forgotten truth behind the mounds of rubber tracks left right around the point of touchdown. If you look beyond it, you’ll see something peculiar. It’s probably a plane, taking off again into the horizon. On to new worlds, new adventures. A dream has taken off in front of your very eyes. And as you touch down where so many others have before, you’re number is coming up and you’ll be cleared for takeoff soon enough… to wherever it is you want to go. Make it worth it…


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