I’ve given myself a timeline for this blog project and it sucks. I don’t really even like calling it a ‘project.’ It’s something I’ve decided to do this year because quite simply, I like to write. I figure I might as well share it with anyone who cares to read. The problem I’m having lately is the severe lack of personal time management. The lack of me-time is proving it’s ill-effect on my life.

My life is pretty simple so I’m taking advantage of this time to evaluate how I should react when things get really interesting. I wake up, fly, go to a few classes, go to work (depending on the day) and a few nights I have a night class. For the weekends, it’s all work time. Yea yea, I shouldn’t bitch because there’s plenty of people out there who have it much harder. I’ve run into quite a few. Some people have kids, spouses, more bills, etc etc…

I think the lack of stimulation in my life is bitch slapping me into consideration of going to the extremes to fix it. I spent a fair amount of time here going to the local bar to get my fix of being around people. Thing is, the pool of interesting people here is close to nil. Without a reliable source of friends there’s not much to occupy a single person’s time in the Oasis of Eastern Washington. Being that I fill my time with seemingly pointless classes and working for a mediocre job, I feel drained. I want to sleep. Or drink. Or read some stupid fifty shades book. It’s usually at the inopportune times that I decided I want to study for things that matter, like my instrument oral exam coming up, or maybe some commercial rating knowledge. Then, oh crap… it’s almost midnight and I haven’t written my blog.

This extreme un-fulfillment that I feel throws me into two mindsets depending on the day. I’m either resigned to the fact that I chose this path and must suffer with it, or I feel motivated to say ‘screw-it’ and throw away all my stuff, move to Mexico and become a black-market charter pilot for the cartels. (not really, but how cool would it be to tell that story to my grandkids?)

It’s a rut that I’m in. I want to rush to the end of this phase but I’m on the timeline of other people. Patience is not my virtue and it seems that the pace of society slows down exponentially when I decided I want to do something worthwhile…


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