Take me…

All I want to do right now is get in my car, drive to the airport and catch a flight to some tropical area. Caribbean maybe? Fiji? Some exotic place that makes me sound like a well cultured traveler? This would be the plan until I had to figure out the return trip home.

I’ve found myself in a culture where people get married and divorced more times than they take vacations in their life. I see why. It’s frustrating to have to figure out all the pieces to actually taking a vacation, or any time away for that matter.

Requesting time off from work, saving money, taking care of chores and bills when you’re gone, booking flights or planning drives, researching and deciding on vacation spots, packing, scheduling… Ugh….

It seems so common place to be too busy to breathe once in a while. I miss my weekends. A no-shit day off or two. I miss having a day of not feeling guilty for not doing a damn thing! The choice to go to school and get a job is totally my choice but this really sucks. Hopefully it’ll pay off in the end. I can’t even find a single day to go out of town to take care of things that I’ve neglected for too long. (My boat being number one).

Maybe I’m just lacking the reason for motivation.


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