Thirty Thousand and counting…

A rough calculation of the number of words written so far this year is approaching thirty thousand. I think it could be a bit more but I really don’t have that much time to open each entry, copy and paste into Word then tally up the words. This has been quite an experience and nothing really groundbreaking has happened aside from me learning how to sort out some things in my head.

I’m tired tonight. Standing outside in the freezing cold while peering through telescopes for Astronomy class was quite draining. I’ve never actually seen the moons of Saturn until tonight. Quite awesome if you haven’t had a chance to yet.

Tonight I go to sleep thinking about so many things. I’ve had a taste of a ‘good life’ in the past and tonight I’m really missing it. I need to promise myself that after I get done with my commercial pilot license this quarter, I take a no-shit break from things for a while. No extravagant vacation or hyped up celebration. I need some time to truly unwind before making the next move. There’s a chance I may not have to do it alone but just in case, I need to be refreshed before subjecting myself to self-inflicted insanity.

More to Follow…


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