What I Got…

I sometimes wonder if people really think I give a shit about how they feel about me. I’ve grown up with the idea that I need to be considerate to other people’s feelings. Respect others right?

Here’s the thing. I’m only thirty two years old but I’m beginning to have quite a bit more confidence in myself and my credibility. I’ve only lived my life on a certain level but the more and more people try to talk down to me, the more I realize how fucking stupid they really are. I say they are stupid because the condescending attitude is a huge signal for me to start blocking out consideration.

I look up to people for reasons aside from financial wealth, social status or education level. I look up to those who fight for the good of mankind. Those who have true integrity. They could be a homeless bum, but as long as they understand their purpose in life, it doesn’t matter where they lay their head at night or how much money they have in the bank. When we take our last breaths, it truly doesn’t matter what you’ve proven to anyone else. What matters is that we leave this place giving life and energy to others. Our purpose as mankind is still quite a mystery but it sure as hell can’t have anything to do with the quantity of currency we have. It’s a vehicle for guilt and entrapment. Shit, you can’t even barter services without being liable for some sort of tax. It’s a ridiculous thing really.
What’s funny is the social respect ‘wealthy people’ inherently get when they grace others with their presence. I can’t count how many times in my life people have been in awe once they find out what someone is worth. The worst part is when these people feel some sort of entitlement because of the amount of monetary leverage they have on others.

Anyways, enough about the root of all evil.

This blog isn’t about money, or the lack thereof. I’m a smartass as much as I possibly can but when it comes to being serious about things, I don’t try and flaunt my apparent experience or credibility. I don’t demand respect. I don’t cry about it when someone snubs me because they don’t like my passive personality. I don’t need to prove anything. Sometimes I’ll lose control and ask someone, “are you fucking stupid?” but then I realize that people are soft and I should probably shut my mouth because chances are there’s plenty of things that I don’t know myself.

The military has a very basic structure of learning. They dumb everything down to absolute basic level and build on it. Thing is with the military, it is all manmade. War games at all levels are not inherited in the human condition. Therefore the learning model is quite fitting for such an institution. When it comes to social interaction however, some people ‘get it’ and others are envious. They may not even realize it. The natural reaction is to push a ‘better man’ attitude. ‘No one understands things like I do…’ Sometimes when it comes to understanding others we have to do something that few people know how to do… It’s called listening.

I’m really scattered with this one here. End state of what I was originally trying to write about… I sure as hell don’t know everything and I’m quite sure I can be challenged at a lot of things, but I’m growing to realize that I don’t have to put up with people’s shitty attitudes towards me or anyone else. Jealousy is a bitch and even though I don’t have a ton of money or nice things doesn’t mean I haven’t realized that people want something that I have.



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