Simple blue text…

Some of the most amazing people I’ve met, are because of Craigslist. I remember going to see my friend Richelle in Seattle when she worked at Kinkos. We talked about the house that she was renting and how she found it etc. etc. I had never heard of Craigslist but she recommended I check it out if I ever needed to find a place to stay or even for buying and selling vehicles and general stuff. Oh, If I only knew how this simple little site would change my life. For the good fortunately.

Years later I was in North Carolina after my second deployment dying for some sort of self-fulfilling activities. I really enjoyed photography but wanted to do some portraits but didn’t really know anyone willing to ‘model’ for me to practice. Up goes the ad and I get a response from Sarah. It was a slightly awkward meeting at the local Barnes and Nobles but overall I was happy with the fact that I wasn’t duped by some overweight sex offender looking for a good time and a reach-around. Sarah became one of my best friends and we are actually going to have a default wedding if one or the both of us doesn’t quit having horrible luck with dating. Check out her music here.
One of my favorite sections is the ‘Missed Connections.’ In a bigger city it’s quite enlightening to see how many creepers there are all around us. Douchebags included. My all-time favorite however is about the guy that posts about seeing his neighbor shit in a gopher hole. Good job man. I secretly wait for someone to post something about me, assuming of course that it is a super-hot chick wanting my nuts. The few I’ve seen about me were either a joke or someone I really could have gone the rest of my life not knowing that they were stalking me. Hopefully I won’t get the one saying ‘cute guy in the car picking your nose…’ or ‘you, the guy next door, close your blinds before shaving your balls.’

Oh, the classifieds… I’ve bought and sold so many things on there it’s not even funny. I found a bunch of stuff for my restaurant and even sold my ridiculous five hundred dollar toaster to a guy because he ‘loves his toast.’ Weird late night transaction on Alki Beach… I felt like I was in some weird B-Rated movie scene. I’ve found a few places to live and even scored a place in North Carolina renting a house from a stunning lady who simply wanted someone to be in her house since she was gone fighting for the Army. Actually fighting. Combatives. She was bad-ass! I even sold my original iPhone to some weird Asian kid in Seattle for fifty bucks. The thing was three years old but still worked like a champ even after being dropped from my pocket going sixty miles an hour on my motorcycle.
There are three stories about Craigslist that deserve their own blog entries. (Sarah mentioned above deserves more than a few mentions along with this entry…) One of these other stories is about someone who I hope to meet in another lifetime when the timing is a bit more perfect. We met without any expectations and as soon as our eyes met, we were done. Two months of zero-limits. Until her husband found out…

The best story I have is a story I hope to tell in its entirety someday. You read about certain things and see them in movies but until you see it in real life, you can’t really appreciate it. I found the unicorn yet it’s still so far away. Imagine not believing in dinosaurs your whole life then taking a trip to Jurassic Park. Your perspective on the world changes. All because of some simple blue text on a plain background.



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