Interim Disclaimer…

I wanted to give a little two-fer tonight on my blog. Nothing really profound but I seem to be getting a LOT more views than I ever expected. My concern is that some ‘new’ readers may not totally understand what’s going on here.

I invite you to check the archives of this years blogs so far and read a few. Some of my personal favorites: Slut… Consumption… and Fire…

Simple snippets of my life but these particular entries were written with few limits. I have to be careful because I feel like I can bitch and whine about everything all the time. In fact it was quite funny while looking at my stats. Someone actually found my blog by searching for ‘moses lake bitching ranting blogs’… I could only imagine who that is! Anyways, I haven’t yet reached any sort of super popular status on here but I’m quite pleased with the number of views, likes and comments I get without really promoting my page. I just hope that I can give my readers something really good soon…
Hang in there…



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