Media friends…

I tried to find some inspiring ideas for tonight’s blog but nothing really stood out. Soo, I’m going to wing yet another one. It was an annoyingly long day for some reason. Get up early to fly, then to math, then to work, then to astronomy and finally back to my room. Ugh.

So, this social networking phenomenon that sparked my motivation to start this blog. It seems that we’ll never really get rid of this new form of human interaction. Ain’t going to lie, it’s really nice to have a common place to keep in touch with all my friends spread out all over the place. Exploring the effect this has on our society seems like such a dark and unwelcoming road. Everyone could have their own pros and cons and opinions about it. I have mine.

We’ve lost touch with each other. It’s not ones singular source that is to blame. I grew up in an age where notes were still passed around in class and it was nerdishly cool to transfer a conversation via patch cable for our scientific calculators. I remember even having a rotary dial phone. I was on top of the world however when I got a phone line into my room so I could call my friends and talk about GI Joe or whatever.

As much as I could blame the influence of technology for our lack of meaningful interaction, I think there’s more to it than that. Even growing up with this relatively crazy technology, I still wanted face to face human interaction. I was raised to (sort of) value friends and live with a sort of integrity. I also had the desire to get out and explore and do things with other people.

Now it’s so easy to text or instant message someone and I believe we take things for granted. If a friend doesn’t respond back in short order we become judgmental of the other persons activities and unwillingness to be available at our convenience. Some people go as far as to put their daily life on hold until a response is given by someone else. What a waste!

I really have to step up my writing. These suck lately.



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