Day 88…

The year is almost a quarter done. As busy as I’ve been the last few days, I feel refreshed in a way. I’m finding myself again. I realized in this recent move that I have way too much crap. Waaay too much.

One of my personal goals the next few months is to rid myself of anything that doesn’t serve me any purpose. My friend, Paul who has been traveling Europe for the past ten months has motivated me to start cleaning my life. Not only is it irritating to have a bunch of random things to worry about packing up when moving, it’s a reflection of the kind of life we live. I find myself bored a lot. When I get bored I like to acquire things. Do I really need two outboard motors? A floor buffer? How about a utility cart with fold down sides? An old chest? Random useless restaurant equipment? A rusted out air compressor?

I find myself giving away a lot of random things. I’m a bit funny about how I give things away. I don’t always want or need money for anything but I prefer it go to good use. And I don’t want to give stuff away to just anyone. I contradict myself with this idea but I have a hard time with it when I give something to someone and they end up disrespecting what it is or taking advantage of what I offer. I’d rather simply throw something away instead of not having someone appreciate something given to them. My hang up is the money issue. I considered giving my sailboat to someone but I realized that too many people would take it and could turn right around and sell it for easy cash… Well, I could do the very same thing but it would be much cooler if I was able to give it to someone who actually had a use for it and truly wanted one. Chances are I’m going to sell off certain parts of the boat and donate the rest of it to a sailing club or something. I kind of lost where I was going with this concept… Anyways…

Oh yea, de-cluttering my life. I gotta do it. Anyone want to buy everything in my storage unit for $500? All or nothin… Minus a few things specifically mine…

No picture tonight… I’m too lazy to get off my bed and turn on a light…


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