My useless mind, body and soul…

A topic of interest for me is about metaphysical relationships. More so tonight I’m thinking about the relation of our mind to our bodies. I’m not aiming to touch on a religious aspect of this matter, but merely a reality of our existence as human beings.

Regardless of our distance from primal behavior there is something that we are missing from our own understanding about how we live. Our bodies are nothing more than a physical expression of what’s going on in our minds. The impure things that happen because of the existence of our bodies, is having a greater effect on us than we might give credit for. We allow our minds to be consumed entirely by ‘things.’ We judge success on money and wealth, not on our relationship with our souls. We allow pride and ego to rule our emotions because of physical desires.

I’m at a crossroads for finding motivation again to work out and eat a lot healthier. I started thinking about finding the willpower to do even more than simply work out and create a healthier body. An epiphany… It is commonly understood that our minds won’t (under normal operating circumstances) do anything to cause the body to break itself. Why not treat our bodies for exactly what they are. Objects. Masses of fats, proteins, carbons and whatever else can define the biological makeup.

Our bodies are not only good for creating and experiencing physical activity, but they also speak and communicate for our minds. When all is said and done our bodies will rot away and become the earth once more. The destiny of our souls may not be realized during our time here. It doesn’t matter though. If we can learn to take care of our minds, then we should simply realize that we can make our bodies do whatever we want. Given the time to refine the physical capacity of our body’s strength in function, we shouldn’t be as lazy as we’ve driven the human race to become.

What we speak of from our mouth ultimately guides us through life. (Speaking from the mouth roughly meaning any form of human to human communication). The knowledge we take from the physical world in which we create simply allows us to be better negotiators for function in the mundane world we created. A world of war, ego, materialism, pride, hatred, laziness, complacency. Mundane in the sense that what we are accomplishing as human beings isn’t a fraction of what we are ultimately capable of. How stupid would it look to see a colony of ants trying to build an ant hill, while the group itself tears down simultaneously what others have constructed?

If we all of a sudden spoke our minds without reservation, the current state of emotional capacity of the human race couldn’t handle the abrupt change. Complete and utter honesty. In theory it’s a nice thought. At this point, society as a whole will never be able to be completely absolutely honest with itself. As individuals however, how cool would it be to constantly realize that we are nothing more than self centered beings who don’t really care what another has to say or do? So why not speak out minds? Not be rude or disrespectful in any way, but honest and forthcoming with what our minds are interpreting at any given moment. It’s the whole ‘ dance like no one is watching’ thing. Who really cares what someone else thinks of who you are and what you choose to find interest in?

This whole idea is nothing really new to anyone in modern society. Whether we accept the notions or not, it’s common street-side therapy for souls lost in the mess we created for ourselves. Modern society is entirely consumed by the machines it has created. Hierarchies, statuses, roles, obligations… My idea of transitioning to a higher level of existence is a futile attempt against what we’ve created. Instead of spending our lives progressing as enlightened souls, we waste that energy on navigating through the remnants of what has been created to secure the physical and egotistical desires of the truly lost souls before us.

All that being said,why the hell don’t I just give in? I can become a gluttonous, sex craved, violence seeking human being. We’re all together in this right? If or when this world ever comes to an end, is it really going to matter? I think it does…


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