Body weight…

I didn’t do a damn thing today. No alarms or schedules. No desire to do anything productive. I thought about cleaning some stuff today but this is the first day I’ve had in months where I don’t have to do a damn thing. Cleaning can wait.

I did put together a workout program that I learned about from my friend Paul, who has spent the last year (Or ten months) in Europe. There’s a book called ‘Convict Conditioning’ that focuses on body weight training. I was skeptical at first but after trudging through the horribly written book, the concept makes perfect sense. It’s a tough read. The author who is claiming to be an ex-con spends over half the time explaining why body weight training and calisthenics is a superior alternative to traditional weight training. Yea yea, I get it man… Using body weight is less risky for injury and of course it doesn’t cost as much as getting a gym membership. Pros and cons aside, I think I’m going to try and give this concept a shot. The whole idea of this being written from a convict point of view is merely a marketing scheme in my opinion. Either way, it makes sense to give it a shot.

This whole program is based on staring extremely simple and building up to more difficult exercises. Such as the one armed handstand push-up. Damn! I started today with a simple workout in the push-up category. Stand against a wall, and do vertical push-ups. Sounds super easy, and it is… For the first fifty. After doing one hundred and fifty of these, slowly and correctly mind you, my arms were about to catch fire. In order to move on to inclined push-ups I have to be able to do specific sets and reps for pull-ups, squats, leg raises, bridges and handstands. Basically, in order to move on, all my muscle groups have to catch up to each other. If anyone wants to see how I structured it, I’d be happy to send you a matrix of how it works. Super easy.

I’m in the mood for something but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Food? Meh… Nothing sounds good. Sex? Haha… Right… A fight? Maybe… Movie? Eh… Movies disappoint me too much. I think I might grab a bite to eat, go for a drive and come back to bed and read a book. Now if I could only find a good book…

And for some really inspirational reading, check out Paul’s blog. The simple life at its best!



4 comments on “Body weight…

    • The little bit I’ve done has kicked my ass… I guess it’s like any workout though, just reading about it doesn’t do much until you follow through… I’m going to give it a shot the next few months

  1. I might give it a try. I finally got my ass in gear and went on a diet im down 15lbs since I started around late Feb. I’ve been doing Insanity which is good cardio but I’m bored with it and I would rather just run and then do something else for MS. I’ll check out the book

    • Good job man! I think I wrote this in my blog but if you read it take it with a grain of salt. I love the concept but most of the book is simply trying to convince you that it works…

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