Yoga pants…

A article today mentioned how some clothing company had to recall a version of their yoga pants because they were a little too ‘sheer.’ Shame shame…

There was a hidden motivation behind my choice to write about yoga pants today. A common argument that women seem to give for wearing them is that they are comfortable and low maintenance. I’ll give them that. I’m quite sure they’re comfortable, just as my compression shorts are. Under my clothes!

The problem with the reasons why women wear them, is that they are fifty percent bullshit. Excluding those people who should know that their physique does not support the wear of such an article of clothing, yoga pants scream sexuality. Maybe sexuality is the wrong term. Promiscuity? Unless a girl wears a long shirt to cover her ass, she knows exactly what she’s doing. Women envy other women who have a figure that is highlighted by the wear of these. Men, no matter how sincere they are, have only one thing on their mind when they see a girl wearing them.

Oh, they help you be more flexible while working out? Right…

Yoga pants do for girls, what muscle shirts do for guys. They serve little for function, and everything for form. If I keep trying to go on about this, I’ll end up writing some really inappropriate things here. Hopefully you get my drift. Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely love when (some) girls wear yoga pants. Sigh….

This concept prompted me to realize that it isn’t just yoga pants. People of either gender do things to garner attention under the guise of innocence. No one will admit to things they do but I see it all the time. It could be the guy who strategically flexes parts of his body to try to impress someone. Maybe the girl who acts just a little bit different when she sees a certain guy. You see it on the road when people try to get in a position to have someone in the view of their mirrors, as if it was a coincidence that their car stopped fifteen feet behind the one in front of them.

Thing is with yoga pants, it is so blatantly obvious what these things do, yet people seem scared to admit it openly. Maybe it’s a good thing that girls still think we believe them when they try to convince us that yoga pants are merely their ‘comfy’ clothes… If I ever get married, I don’t want my wife to wear some flashy lingerie to turn me on… I want her to wear tight black yoga pants with a T-shirt… That’s all I have.



2 comments on “Yoga pants…

  1. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…:) Trust me, when I’m wearing yoga pants, it’s not to get anybody’s attention! It’s really because they are comfortable and in general, flattering to wear for a workout. What are we going to wear otherwise? Sweatpants? Baggy basketball shorts?

    • If girls wore baggy clothes to go workout, that’s half the motivation gone for most of the guys that go to the gym! I won’t question the fact that they are comfortable and flattering for the person wearing them. The thing that comes to my mind is the percentage of wearers that do it for something above and beyond comfort and flattery… 🙂
      And I say again, I have zero problem with them…

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