Work in progress…

I started writing a blog tonight about someone extremely important in my life but decided to take a break with it and continue on another day. Some things I want to write about but I don’t want to risk allowing influence of exhaustion in my writing. Feels like its less genuine ya know?

I find myself over thinking how I trying to get my message across in this blog. I want it to be legible, grammatically correct and hopefully interesting. I also want to be sure that I convey my feelings as they truly are. Life’s frustrations and annoyances get in the way of this sort of art that I’m trying to foster. I wish I could be intimate with words just as much as I’m intimate with… well, intimate things. Just as in real life, I hold back from expressing what I’m feeling about someone or something. (I this context I use physical and emotional as a connection basis). Maybe I’m hesitant to scare someone away. Maybe someone will get the wrong idea about what I’m feeling. Who knows. Who cares right?

Part of my goal in this year of blogging is to express my true feelings. Not necessarily specific details about my personal life, but how I’m truly feeling about things that make me who I am. There’s a purpose for me, but deep down, there is a purpose for my readers.

Enough explaining for now. I have a few final tests tomorrow and I’m dog tired. Hopefully this week I’ll have some better stuff since I have a few days off of school and work.



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