This is another journal entry from my personal journal. It’s one of the few that I would voluntarily offer up to anyone wanting to read about me. As for why I titled it ‘Husky’, it has to do with the fact that a Husky by nature is a runner. They are not an animal meant to be kept in one place. If you give them a chance to run, typically they won’t come,back unless its something really good…

16 July 2011
I finding myself amused at the effect I seem to have on people. That is, when I care to notice. I’m sure most of us have something that someone else wants. Some are looking for protection, reassurance or simply an ego enhancement. The effect some people have on me can be overwhelming. Though sometimes it can be underwhelming. Certain people have a light about them. When the day turns grey and moods thicken the simple presence of another person can turn your world into the most wonderful sunny day you’ve ever seen. I feel like I don’t want to know more though because the fear of reality can change it all in a blink of an eye. Some wonder why I keep to myself. Sometimes I wonder that myself. If I had to explain it, I would say that I would prefer to experience a little of everything instead a lot of a few things. The task of finding hope to hold on to is tiring. Getting close time and time again is better for me than spending my time on one thing only to have the prospect of a wonderful life squished by the inherit vices that other people let run their own lives. I’m close to the one that will turn my life upside down. I hope they know the same. I am a Husky…


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