Lack of dictation…

I tried using my iPhone dictation capability to write something while driving. It’s going to be years before that technology is commonplace. I wish there was some sort of psychic reader for our minds. Even when I speak, my true thoughts and feelings get shadowed by the fact that I have to enunciate words not only for a software program to recognize, but for a human to recognize as well. The point of all that is that by the timei sit down here with my iPad and start writing, all of those super awesome thoughts ove had went away. Some of course has to do with pure exhaustion from my day. Other times it has to do with my lack of being able to communicate something important. I’m trying to be careful with making this into a day to day accounting of my life. Of course it’s my blog, but as much as its for me, it’s for my readers. No one really cares about my day to day activities. As well, I don’t want to air my laundry for everyone to see. I’m not ashamed of anything I do in my life but just as I wrote before about respecting people’s bubbles, I don’t want to make someone else feel uncomfortable with my writing.


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