Crappy food…

It’s a Sunday. My mind needs a break from thought. I miss cooking. I miss being able to entertain people without having to worry about trying to impress them. I don’t have really awesome exotic recipes but when I do cook for others I do it out of love. I love the reaction on people’s faces when they take a bite of something that I made and they absolutely love it. Maybe not. Maybe I’ve been lied to this whole time and whatever I cook is crap. Either way, it’s something I need in my life again.

I watched a guy make a cheapy pizza at subway today and it made me want to vomit a bit. I was about a six inch pizza made from a prepared dough and cheese crust. He threw on about six pieces of pepperoni and by the tie it was done out of the oven and cut, the pepperoni had shifted to one side and looked like it had been dropped on the floor a few times and shoved back into the box by a disgruntled employee.

Why can’t people put some care into these kinds of things? I know people hate having to serve others but if they don’t like it, quit your damn job.

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