A Light…

I’m going to take a snippet from my personal journal for today. This entry is one of the few that I would feel comfortable sharing at this point. It’s one that I reflect back on quite a bit and its one of those writings that I wouldn’t recognize as my own if I didn’t have it in my own journal. I vaguely remember the person I mention in this entry. It is from a few years back so it’s a reflection of my state of mind before making the choice to come to flight school.

June 19, 2011 – A Light

I’ve neglected obligations to find myself. It is working. I feel like I might actually have a chance at coming out on top. At least coming out slightly ahead of where I think I need to be. I met another soul today. She was stunning. I’m being careful with the feelings but I can’t help noticing it. If I never see her again I will be sad, but regardless I was able to take something from our meeting. It is something I have felt in my heart for some time. We are not merely here for ourselves. We are here for others. To help others find their way. It seems no matter who we are, we are all a collection of broken pieces. Our lives are the aftermath of circumstance whether in or out of our control. What we are choosing to do with those pieces makes up the structure of our character. We shall never on this earth be immune to making mistakes. We may make the same mistakes over and over again. I hope to rid myself of complacency. I cannot see a life worth living if it is merely for the comfortable satisfaction of others. The acquisition of debt, whether financial or personal is killing us. We are trying too hard to borrow ourselves out of our mistakes. We aren’t given the light of the sun as a payback for the darkness of night. Every day is a new day and we should embrace what it brings.


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