Good day…

Today… Was a good day. Ain’t gunna lie. I don’t really know why either. Nothing for me to really write about today aside from that. Work sucked but surprisingly there was zero crappy customers. Had some awesome biscuits and gravy this morning and was even able to catch a quick ride on the bike after leaving work. After a quick jump from a friend because my Napa brand battery sucks, I made a few more rounds and am ending my day with a clear mind and some good company. And I do owe Mike lunch or a drink for coming out to jump the bike…

I’m hoping to quiet my mind soon and hopefully I can write some more meaningful stuff here. Maybe I’ll tell some stories about distant friends or drunken stoopers… Is that how you even spell that? Anyways, thanks to my readers and followers for this little commitment I have for the next year…


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