Go forth young sheep

I could only listen to about 10 minutes of the State of the Union address tonight. Partly because it annoys me that the audience has to give an obnoxious applause after every strong point that the president tries to make. More so I have a problem with the message that is being delivered. He’s a very condescending individual when he speaks.

He also plays games of semantics when he proposes his plans. ‘We all need to compromise’ is merely his way of saying, ‘those who disagree with me need to give up your ideals in the name of coming together as one.’ He pretends to understand the gravity of the situation but he keeps reverting back to ‘party lines’ and ‘budget compromise.’ I got nothin’ else right now.

This blog isn’t meant to be political in any way shape or form so this is about as in-depth as I’ll get with political opinions here. The meat of what I felt like writing about is in regards to followers being led, and how most people don’t know how to be led.

Most people in my generation grew up knowing that when rules were in place by our parents, we could find ways to interpret those rules to best suit what we wanted. I wasn’t allowed to ride my bike past visual range when I was at home. When I was staying at a friends house it was a totally different story. I could ride wherever I wanted as long as my parents didn’t find out. I sure we can all think of ways we worked out of rules that were given to us.

I’ve grown to think of rules as simply guidelines that we need to live within to maintain general order in this world. Any organization of people tend to have guidelines, typically passed down from leaders or successors. No matter if it’s a family structure, workplace, city, state, nation or the world, the rules or guidelines that are passed down are generally meant to be interpreted for any given situation. We as humans are dynamic and should never be forced to operate within unreasonable constraints. (Insert socialist, communist, big government, etc.) This idea I’m talking about also applies to the powers given to government agencies in charge of making their own rules, outside the approval of the people it governs.

Simple terms for what I’m saying. When the CEO of a company passes down a directive it is generally a broad idea. The CEO entrusts their staff to interpret the directive and implement it the correct way. Sometimes what happens, is the person or persons in charge of implementing said directive adds their own flair to it. They see an opportunity to include their own ideals in order to implement this idea. As it is passed down to the lower levels of management and the general workforce it has the appearance of being from ‘The Top’ but really the intent of the idea has been twisted and manipulated by the agenda of those in between. Even the ex-druggie receptionist in charge of typing a memorandum could have added their own bit of input into the plan. Maybe a CEO wants the employees to dress more professionally. Well, in the midst of delegation, good-for-nothing middle managers may communicate it as a need for uniforms and specific rules will apply according to the general attitude that these managers have for their workers. One simple example but I think it gets my point across.

This concept I’m trying to write about seems to be at the root of many problems in our society. Sure, rules suck but they are there for a reason. As well, the origins of these rules and guidelines that we live in have been lost due to wrongful interpretation. I’m not even talking just about laws set forth by government entities. I’m talking about things that our community leaders try to instill in its members in order to advance the group. A leader saying ‘ we need to stand and make a change’ can be taken so many ways by so many people. Just like the recent legalization of marijuana in this state, everyone seems to want to put their hands into the policy making pot and pull it in directions that has nothing to do with the original intent of this change. (Pun not intended)

As with a lot of issues that we seem to have, it can be tracked back to the family level. We have families of specific religions or beliefs and they may feel they need to treat people a certain way, unless certain people are of a different value system. Too many people are growing up with a self centered sense of entitlement that does nothing for the good of the community or the entire world in which we live.

Some people want control. Some want too much control. Some people need to learn to keep their mouth shut and live their life as a sheep. Being a sheep can mean mediocrity (which I hate) or it could mean learning how to be led. Be it led by experience or assignment of job title or status within a social structure, some people need to be humbled by their roles.

I hate rhetoric. I hate rhetoric out of principle and because I’m tired of hearing the damn word. Seems that these ‘leaders’ we have thrive on the use of rhetoric. Why can’t someone step up and say it how it is? No bias, no judgement. Our existence on this earth is in a fragile state. On so many different levels. What are we going to do with this time we have? Pride ourselves on financial strength made from a concept of currency that ultimately does nothing for our souls when we are long gone? Find ways to establish our superiority by creating weapons of mass destruction to silence those who think differently than us? How about we reexamine a purpose here. If this god character is for real and his word is what people should live by, then why don’t we live by it? Because just like the middle manager that is able to require employees to conform to their interpretation of a company policy, too many people feel entitled and believe that their interpretation of ‘god’s word’ is the way it’s supposed to be.


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