Today is definitely not a blog day for me. There’s a plethora of stuff on my mind that I’d love to write about but I need to marinate on it for a while. I’m a bit taken back by some things and it solidifies my opinion about dynamics of my current situation. I’m also becoming slightly more accepting of the idea that I am in fact, perfectly justified when I criticize the behaviors of certain people. I am in no way ‘better’ than anyone else. I do however fully understand that some people need to shut up about what they think they know about life. I feel like I’m surrounded by infants ‘playing house’. Literally and figuratively they don’t seem to realize that the walls are thin and the smell of bullshit lingers. I feel sorry for those who are impressed by people’s cockiness and extroversion.

I really don’t like writing so negatively, but I consider this simply plowing through some of the crap that seems to pile up when you are in a situation filled with less than intriguing people. It really gets in the way of my writing, and it clouds my vision of what I’d like my life to be like. When I’m done with this school/flight thing I imagine I’ll have a completely different outlook. I’m excited to be able to write about things then. In the meantime, the effectiveness of my writings will be like throwing darts. In a carnival. Where the game is fixed.

By dsmythjr

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