I love lamp

I like having a laminator. I can laminate sectional charts for flying, paper certificates, pictures, even plants if I wanted to! I wonder if I can laminate a gummy bear. Hmmm. You know what else I enjoy? Milk. I love milk. I used to like 2% but then I switched to fat free. I can truly drink a gallon in five minutes if I tried. I’ve done it before. Milk makes my tummy feel better, though sometimes it can cause a little more bad breath than I’d like. Ooh, I just thought of something else I like; Doc Martins. Totally awesome shoes! I have a pair that I’ve owned for about 8 years. Granted I haven’t worn them for eight years straight, but a few months off and on throughout and they are the most amazing pieces of footwear I’ve ever owned. Another item I love… Tide. None of this cheap crap that smells like dead flowers. Tide is a wonderful detergent that actually gives my clothes a freshness. Yummers! My down comforter is amazing as well. Though I need a new duvet, it was the best nine hundred bucks I’ve spent on anything. My pillows, no that’s another story. They are cheap Walmart pillows. They serve me well though. Chips and salsa? Amazing as well. Ooh, my lamp! I have a little cheapy lamp that I rarely use but it’s really cool and stylish. Want to see a picture?


How cool is that? I need to dust off my desk. Hurumph.


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