I’ll slaughter a goat for your love

I figured out that I need to start writing a list throughout the day of stuff I want to write about. Throughout the day I have plenty of inspiring (to me at least) topics that I’d like to write about. As the day goes on however, it gets clouded with influence of douchebags, ignorance and rude people. Like the old hag at Safeway tonight that actually raced me to get her cart in the aisle first. I won the race. Or the two idiots who left their carts totally blocking the aisle to get out of the register area. What did I do? Bumped both their carts as I pushed through. I did it because they both looked at me and the impending situation and neither decided to do a thing about it. Bitches.

I want to write about flying but my motivation has been shit lately. I’ve flown an average of once every week and a half for the past two months. Not only does this mean that I may have to extend my time here even longer to finish the program, I have to put up with… Actually, I’ll digress tonight in regard to this…

I read an interesting article tonight on chivalry. The Frisky As I write this, my stance has just switched on the topic. This article highlights the apparent use of chivalry to manipulate and bamboozle women into giving in to the desires of a man. I do agree that many men out there use chivalrous actions for their own benefit and not the women. No argument there. It’s actually the reason I am so cautious about being nice to a women (date or not). As a human of the male gender, I come with the stigma of being a sexist pig with only one thing on his mind. Maybe I should actually act that way because apparently women like that shit. Anyways, I err on the side of caution because I feel it’s better to be safe than sorry. After spending some time with a girl, I’ve thought of ‘moving in’ for a kiss, even if its on the cheek. For the sake of the topic of chivalry, I can also think of times when I should offer a coat, or an arm to keep her warm. I’ve then thought of her reaction, verbalized or not, about how it’s not that way! Funny thing, after all is said and done and I’m banished to the friend-zone, I realize that if I would have acted differently, she would have reciprocated. (I many cases that is). I’m getting away from beating myself up about this stuff. My social faux pas really shouldn’t matter anyways to someone that really wants to be a part of my life. It’s like the insurance industry; the actions of my predecessors affect my credibility with anyone I meet and I genuinely want to be nice to.

Anyways, in regards to my stance on this; chivalry has always been about manipulating women. Back in the good ol’ days men held doors, ordered her food or offered a coat because he was in fact, trying to get it in! Am I wrong? Maybe the idea of getting it in wasn’t really an issue back then. It was more like ‘I’m going to offer my coat to this young lady and one day she’ll be my wife.” Maybe he offered to kill three goats in her name. Either way, manipulation was involved. He was doing things to make her think that he was a true gentleman and he would be the best thing for her.

Coming back to present day, I have a problem with the way men treat other people in comparison to women. Many young girls don’t see this contrast and in turn end up in abusive or manipulative relationships. Watch how a guy switches up his attitude between people that do him no good and a woman that can get his rocks off. Is that what they are calling ‘swagger’ these days? Or is that part of simply being a douche? The ideals of chivalry have obviously changed up over the years. Seems that a girl enjoys getting a text from a guy instead of a flower. She can then over-evaluate what she thinks he meant by it and gossip with her besties about it! To top it off, these young’ns understand that there is a tactic to texting as it relates to manipulating these girls to drop their panties. Well, maybe she won’t drop trou because of a text, but texting leads to creating situations that certain guys need to get what they want. Once they find out that they don’t understand what it is that they are getting into, they drop her like a worn out happy sock and move on to the next one.

The phrase ‘maybe I’m old fashioned’ comes to mind.

As it happens lately, irritation has gotten in the way of finishing this in the way I’d like to, so I’ll end this here. Maybe I need to start going for a drive where I can write with some more clarity.


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