A little less edgy

It’s a short blog day. I did some repairs to my car today and it made me realize that I’m pretty dang happy that I’m slightly more mechanically inclined than your average bear. Just the front brakes would have normally been a three to four hundred dollar job if I took it to a shop. Replacing the rotors on my car involves dropping the spindle assembly and pulling the axles etc etc. I was able to do it for about seventy five bucks in parts. I win.

Having an older model car isn’t so bad considering its paid off, and my ’92 Accord actually gets better gas mileage than my ’08 Scion tC that I bought brand new. It’s not the coolest looking car around, but I have no reason to impress anyone. Someday though I’ll bring myself to buy a newer car.

It was a fairly unproductive day. The weather was shit, so I couldn’t fly this morning. Finding new motivation to go to the gym has been a bit difficult lately. I’ve been so tired that I almost feel like I’m going backwards if I workout. I get on a workout and halfway through start yawning and rubbing my eyes. At that point I usually call it a night so I don’t injure myself. I’m off to do a little homework now so there ya have it. Maybe in the next couple of blogs I’ll try something a little edgier.

By dsmythjr

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